hygge \ˈhyü-gə\ - a danish word meaning social coziness, the feeling of a good social atmosphere. also a cozy, comfortable, and an overall good atmosphere. it can be a night out with close friends in a favorite bar, or it can be a night in with family, a fire, a some warm knitted blankets and handcrafted pillows.

about me
I'm Yelle. I'm an event manager for tech conferences, and I create home decor and knitwares that I sell online at Hygge & Wool. This a space that I will share anything from creating a cozy home, to going out with friends, and exploring near and far.

I currently live in a 2-flat building in Chicago, IL with my family. I love to explore the city, it's museums and parks, and I love coming home to a house full of hygge. My routine includes cooking long Sunday dinners with wine, reading books in the afternoon with a cup of tea, writing in my journal with my morning coffee, and knitting while binge-watching Netflix.

 about the shop
Hygge & Wool is a home decor shop specializing in knitwares. The aesthetic is chunky and comfortable wool yarn knitted together into classic pieces. Many of the designs focus on clean lines and structured stitches. What was once a hobby to keep cold fingers warm on winter nights at home, turned into a craft shared with you.

If you have a question, or would like to say hi, feel free to email me at hyggeandwool[at]gmail.com


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