Winter Park, FL

Our Fair City: Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

One of my favorite activities in our town is the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour. We moved back and it was one of the first activities we did again. For one, it is an outdoor activity, and masks were required at the time on the boat, so it felt very safe to join the boat tour.

We have enjoyed the boat tour a few times in the past. It's a great activity with out of town guests. A relaxing little boat ride on Central Florida's chain of lakes. The skipper's tell you about all of the historic homes and families that live on the lake. They point out the wildlife. There are lulls of silence to enjoy the fast paced ride across the middle of the lake, the boat bouncing and creating white waves. Part of the ride is out on the lake, without shade, so being prepped with sunblock or a sturdy hat (it could fly off when the boat picks up speed) is necessary. 

The boat also slowly crawls through narrow canals, nestled between the serene backyards of the Winter Parke elite. The canals are shaded with large trees, their branches and Spanish moss creating a gorgeous canopy of protection. The canals are also so narrow that only one boat can pass at a time. A few times along the canals, we would come across a kayaker - and they would have to pull off close to a neighbors boat house, clinging to the waters edge so that we could both fit. It's so peaceful in those canals. 


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