Nearly 500 blog posts...

I have nearly 500 blog posts in my blog. Coming in around nearly 10 years of blogging. My first post was in the spring of 2012. I was still in college, exploring my new town of Winter Park. (Please don't go look at archives, please don't go look at archives!). 

500... wow. That's roughly 50 posts a year, nearly once a week. I'm in disbelief. There were times were I didn't post much (2019, when I was navigating finding a new job, with a baby, while also studying for the PMP training). And there were times I posted often (2013, when I had a lot to celebrate; graduating college, getting married, getting my first full-time job, having a "grown-up" paycheck to explore my city). 

There are some bloggers from my early 2010's days of blogging that I still keep in touch with via social media, messaging, and some still blog (I love to see their new posts pop up). And some, some have social media accounts, but never update. Some have drifted from the internet completely out of my realm into a more private place. 

A few months ago at work we were prompted to build out OKRs, business goals, and even personal development goals. And now, a few short months later, we are asked to build out individual development plans. Why do we always have to be striving to achieve something? Can't we just plateau, still do a great job at work, work on doing our role really really well, have some time to feel confident with where we are within our own career path, or within our own personal lives? 

Truthfully, there has been so much change these last two years... I could really use some plateau time. And while this blog has benefitted me in small financial ways, this blog was never financially successful enough to be considered a true side hustle, or potential full time job. And that's okay. That doesn't mean this blog hasn't been successful. It may have plateaued in viewer-ship. And it may have ebbed and flowed through the years as my own life has. But just because it is something that has been a bit of a plateau in my life, I still think nearly 500 blog posts is pretty successful. So cheers to this. 


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