Biking Our Town

We've been taking full advantage of year-round good weather, and we've been exploring our town by bike. With our little tot strapped into her seat on the back of S's bike, we've biked to parks, playgrounds, lunch, and even just through the nearby neighborhoods, finding the most secluded streets, wooded boardwalks, and intimate bridges over canals. 

Every Sunday, we go for a long bike ride. Sometimes we ride to the nearest park with a nature path, sometimes to the farmer's market on the lake, and sometimes through the fancy neighborhoods, admiring the porches on the lake houses. We've even strapped our bikes to the car and started exploring farther bike trails like the West Orange Trail in Winter Garden, and Lake Baldwin's path in Baldwin Park. Next, I want to tackle the Lake Monroe, and the path along the water in downtown Sanford. Winter Garden, Baldwin Park, and downtown Sanford all have restaurants and shops, making it a great pit stop. Whether we're close to home, or far, we usually stop for lunch. 

The sign of a good bike ride is when our littlest one's eye lids get heavy on the bike ride home, her little head bopping in her bike seat, asleep from the day's adventure. 


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