Start of Summer

I've been going for quick, 15 minute walks every day. I see the change in the trees, their green leaves growing thicker and filling in the branches, hiding the sky. I see the flower buds that turn into petals, a slow motion process - a little more exposing each day. 

May is a lovely month of celebrations. Our anniversary, even mother's day, my moms birthday, and S's birthday to cap off the month. The month has always felt like its celebrations can be marked with the seasons of the flowers. The start of the month is always an iconic show and smell of star jasmine. It was always in bloom around our anniversary, making me nostalgic for the "honeymoon" phase of our lives. The end of the month rounds out with peonies, a fickle but absolutely fat and luscious bud. 

Since it was S's birthday recently, we took a little day trip together to a neighboring town (more on that another day). To celebrate at home, we filled up our little inflatable pool, propped up a beach umbrella to get some shade, and I made mint juleps with mint from our little herb garden. (Mint juleps, another May staple, kicking off the Kentucky Derby). We timed it just right and soaked in the pool while our little one napped in the afternoon. Of course, as soon as her nap was over, on her swim suit went for her own time to splash. It was a very enjoyable weekend. 

I mentioned that mint juleps are a great drink to start the summer with. But I'd go as far as to say it is the *perfect* southern summer cocktail. Crushed ice that slowly melts in the Florida sun? Bourbon's kick that is rounded out with the sweetness of simple syrup, and the bitterness that is brightened with muddled mint. It tastes like every southern state. 


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