Our Fair City: Leu Gardens

The early start of spring, and the buds of flowers are just starting to open. We've visited Leu Gardens many times in our past. It was always a nice, quiet place to visit, especially with out of town visitors. There's an old house on property with lots of shade, and a lovely walking path through the gardens. The garden path winds you through a tropical stream garden, a bamboo garden, a veggie and butterfly garden, and even more. I love standing at the base of the bamboo garden, and to listen to the wind knock the thick bamboo trunks together slowly, nature's own wind chimes. 

Now, Leu Gardens has visiting exhibitions like the dinosaurs, dotted through the park. Whenever my daughter came upon a dinosaur, hidden behind plants, she would let out a large gasp and tell me to "look!" excitedly. 

Besides the dinosaurs on display, Leu Gardens regularly has a plant sale. Vendors from the Central Florida area come and setup to sell orchids, bromeliads, small trees, bushes, pots, and even bird feeders. Being that we are still new to having an outdoor space like a backyard and garden, we wanted to go to stock up. One of my favorite things we walked away with was this bust/statue vase. Instead of planting a lovely plant that might drape over dramatically like hair (a string of pearls plant would be so cute), we opted for a large air plant that would dramatically reach upward. She is the centerpiece of our dining room table. 

We're garden members now. It's the perfect outdoor/low risk activity during this recovery year, the garden requires guests to wear masks, and getting fresh air and a walk through a park is a restorative activity for when it can feel like most of our week is spent inside, working at our desks. 


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