I used to think that returning to a place I left meant that I failed. And now, returning to a place that I still feel fondly for all these years later, it truly feels like going home. 

I don't think I was meant to be there all along, I think I was meant to leave. But returning at this time feels so right, and everything worked out so well (pinch me), it feels like moving away to experience a new place that I love gives me a greater appreciation for the old place that I love. 

We'll be moving back to the central Florida area. When posting about our new home in Chicago, I've been using the Wicker Park tag. For our previous homes in central Florida, I've used a Winter Park tag and Thornton Park tag for all things home. A quick scroll through those tags makes me so nostalgic. Even though we left Orlando for new opportunities and an exciting adventure in the city of Chicago, I look forward to returning to a place we previously called home. 


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