New Glarus, Wisconsin


We visited New Glarus again, our little city escape a few months ago. Last time we visited this same farm house was before my daughter was born. We were here with Morty, and we walked and walked and walked. We took him walking through the farm's hills. We took him walking on the trail that cuts through the charming downtown. This time was a little different. Morty no longer with us, but it was nice to visit a place that knew him, too. This time we didn't spend much time in town. A quick visit for groceries to grill some summer corn on the cob. I even grabbed a ceramic mug from the bakery, a souvenir to remember our favorite anise cookies that we've only ever seen at this bakery in this town. 

Otherwise, we just spent time at the farm house. Walking, cooking, eating, building a fire, exploring the green lands. There were various swings hanging from the trees, which my little tot loved. There's even an entire playroom in the farm house, filled with farm themed toys. My city girl loved this room.

Something about how quiet the land is; being able to hear the cows in the distance at sunset saying their goodnights, and the birds in the morning wishing us a good morning. Besides the animals, there's the sound of the thunderstorms at night, and the creak of the wooden floors as we walk around a house filled with history. It was so beautiful. Being in the city, I forget what the silence sounds like. I forget what its like to not be stimulated with noise or visually at all hours of the day. Not getting it enough, I love how the quiet feels (sounds?) on my ears. Just sitting on the front porch, taking in the stillness - a three day weekend wasn't enough. 

And yet, in the middle of the night, I'd wake up with the sound of absolutely nothing, and it was oddly alarming. The quiet house, on quiet land, in a quiet town, surrounded for miles with quiet. My ears weren't used to it, and it was incredibly hard to fall asleep to the sound of silence. I can imagine myself retiring and ending up in a small mountain town - this is a complete dream and I'm not sure if my life will ever really go that way. However, will I ever get used to the silent sound of a sleepy village? 


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