In a post not too long ago, I wrote about a new Sunday ritual during our isolation. A nice outfit, a cocktail on the porch, in the sun, a little lipstick. 

New weekday rituals include taking a lunchtime walk to feed the ducks, or a dip in the pool after an early dinner. Some weeknights we hop on a group video call, with friends that are a mere few miles away. We play JackBox games, or travel via GeoGuessr, visiting remote pin drops on maps in the middle of some country we dream of visiting all together some day. 

On weekends, we visit family. Some family we have dinner with, some we only go for walks with outside, just to play it safe. We dip in the pool, we make rainbows with the hose, the sun peaking through the trees. Today we went to a park, walked through the dense trees, felt the wind and our sweat on our faces. This new normal, the expectation of having the most amazing, Instagrammable weekend - gone. It's like everyday is the shabbat - the weekly ritual of the Sabbath, of rest. These rituals are for us, not for pomp and circumstance. 

Not only do little ones (like my toddler) thrive on routine, but I know I do, too. Is it my inherent introverted self that relies on routines in the week to signify the end of the work week, or even the end of the day. 

Like many people that love to travel, I'm looking forward to my next trip. When will it be? Where will it be? I do not know. I typically love having a plane ticket in my name, a destination to look forward to exploring, something to plan for my own personal benefit. However, at this time, there's no new travel planned for us. Not even for my work. Like many, we're playing it safe. Instead, I pin photos of destinations I want to visit, and watch Youtube vlogs of other countries. Even watching the show Dating Around, whether it's set in Brazil, or in New Orleans, watching people go out to eat and drink has been such a nice little mental escape. I can't wait to explore again (safely). 


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