Looking Back to When I Looked Ahead

This was a tarot card reading from early this year. When I had just turned 30 and spent my birthday in Tulum with friends and family. This reading was before news of the pandemic. If that 10 of Swords (deep wounds, loss, crisis) wasn't an omen, I don't know what was. Looking through the entire spread and referencing Biddy Tarot (one of my favorite tarot sources) I can definitely see how the year has progressed like spread I pulled (delays > self-care, work/home conflict > skill development > loss/crisis). If only I really knew what it was trying to tell me. Here I am, nearly a year later, and I'm so thankful to still have my family and friends healthy around me. 

I've been dreaming of warm vacations again. Even though we spent most of our summer in Florida with family, I'm eager to get back to a warm climate. Maybe my body is telling me that it needs some vitamin D? I dream of recreating the Tulum beach experience with my own home. For the first time in a long time, we will have a home with enclosed outdoor space for just us. Or maybe I just dream of the concept of vacation, hopping on a plane, exploring a new city, enjoying some nature, truly resetting from work. Since we can't get a sense of true vacation, I hope that the home we create will feel like our own little oasis every day.


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