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DC Sleeps Alone Tonight

Where do I begin. Inspired by Erin (like/want/need), I'm going to follow suit by showing that it's okay to let months pass before you update your blog again.

I went to DC for work, and was able to squeeze some quick touristy things before heading home. DC sleeps alone tonight definitely felt very real. Traveling on my own doesn't bother me, but it definitely gets lonely not being able to share a good meal with a loved one, and waking up multiple times a night in an unfamiliar hotel room.

My event there went really smooth, and our team mostly had dinner together in the small, charming downtown of Old Town Alexandria since it was closer to our event hotel than downtown DC was. The little brick roads of Old Town Alexandria reminded me a lot of Winter Park, FL - where we lived for many years. Especially with the weather being cool, the beginning of fall - it was my favorite time of year to walk around Winter Park.

In DC, I was able to visit Le Diplomate on my last morning for breakfast before heading out to the airport. I sat at the bar and it's wasn't too crowded, so I was able to look around and admire the décor, the French-style chairs, the cozy rooms. I ordered a baguette sandwich with cheese, salami, cornichons and it was delicious - a baguette so perfect that it rivals the ones I had when in Paris. I picked this baguette sandwich because the combination of cheese and salami reminded me of the lunches Steven and I would often have when we were in Paris together. I can't wait to eat there again, hopefully for lunch or dinner next time, with my very good friend, East Egg. I sat at the bar and enjoyed a glass of rose wine while others around me opted for mimosas and bloody mary's.

Afterward, I zipped over to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History so that I could revel in some fossils and science. I couldn't help but compare it to my beloved Field Museum, and honestly, I think the Field Museum would still be my favorite even if I never worked there. As a little momento from my quick visit, I purchased a sequined blue and pink brachiosaurus for Dottie.

I don't know how to end these things anymore. And I don't know when I'll write again. Maybe the next trip. 


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