California, Here We Come

I had a quick, last minute trip to San Francisco this month. After travelling every month since starting this new job, I really thought November and December would quiet down. But we're already getting started working on the many (many, many) details of my event in San Francisco in March. My largest event yet.

This overnight trip was an opportunity to see the event space, see our SF office, get some face time with the team there that I haven't met yet, etc.

San Francisco is super charming. I can definitely see why people move there (and with that, the astronomical housing costs). Though I'm not sure if living in that city is worth the cost of housing there, it felt very cool to be a worker, heading into the office in the morning, just like all the other millennial worker-bees. Although I'm new to the tech industry, I felt very much like one of them.

The city itself reminded me more of New York than any other place I've been. But of course, it was the perfect temperature (a little cool and breezy, but sunny). Around the office, there were lots of restaurants, bars, shops, etc. The options seemed endless. Chicago has that too, but Chicago can definitely feel desolate in between the built-up neighborhoods. In San Francisco, we walked from where the office is to their Chinatown, and North Beach, in an effort to find a place to sit and eat outside. In North Beach there were a ton of charming Italian restaurants with outdoor seating. The bistro-style chairs and tables reminded me of Paris - the wicker chairs facing the street/sidewalk, so that you could watch the city go by as you dined.

My colleague and I enjoyed Aperol Spritz and a few Italian dishes. It was very good, and perhaps something warm, and comforting like pasta was just the right ticket to make me feel at home and welcome during my first visit to San Francisco. I'm looking forward to visiting again, for both work and with my family to explore on our own.


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