Our Fair City: Hopewell Brewery

I had one of those super-mom moments where I made it to a doctor appointment for Dottie, ran to the grocery store to pick up some snacks and a prescription, AND made it to the bank, all in the matter of a few hours with a baby in tow in the middle of a frigid winter day. The in-and-out of the car seat, bundling and unbundling to keep her warm with each visit - it was tiring, but I felt super productive at the end of it. And felt like my glass of wine at the end of the day was well-deserved. 

I met up with a friend at Hopewell Brewery one night, in the middle of a snowstorm. The snow must have kept a few people away on a Friday night, because it wasn't packed. There were just enough people to make it feel cozy inside. We tried a few different sour beers, all of which were pleasant. There were long tables and board games to play, which made it feel like we were just hanging out at one of our apartments. We grabbed a puzzle game, and we both struggled to get the correct answers. However, we worked well as a team, one of us being able to answer when the other couldn't.

While I may not have a knack for puzzles, I'm always seeing connections of a different kind. I can see how one thing leads to another, which is incredibly useful for my job. But for everyday life, it's mentally exhausting. I sometimes feel like I'm too observant. I'm looking into ways of exercising this with books or movies. I think it's why I've finally given murder mystery novels a try, and I'm enjoying them! The genre is one that I never thought I'd be into, but it allows me to make the mental connections that my brain would be doing in real life if left on idle too long.

Stay warm. 


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