Little Ram

my dearest ram

i'm so thankful to have you. for all of your smiles. i'm grateful that your first cold came only recently, not when you were super little, and you're taking it like a champ. i love when you fall asleep on your hand and your little finger nails make an impression in your cheeks. i'm thankful that you like to go on walks with me, how comfortable you feel in the ring sling as we explore together with morty. i love how easily you fall asleep on your own, even though you still wake up once or twice in the middle of the night. i even love being able to cuddle you in the middle of the night for a few minutes, knowing that if it's a work day my time with you will be limited, so i'll take all the cuddles that i can get. this is a little reminder, of how thankful i am for those night time wake up calls, when i'm feeling incredibly sleepy at 6am.

your dear sea goat


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