Thank You

It's been some time since I've focused on things I am grateful for. I supposes that's what Thanksgiving is for, to remind you to be grateful. So it's time for me to focus on the things I am grateful for more often.

  • I'm grateful for how many smiles Dottie has in a day
  • I'm grateful that Morty's emergency vet visit ended in him coming home, when so many dogs don't get to leave
  • I got to spend Thanksgiving with Scott, Adrienne, Anna, and Lloyd - and it was perfect
  • I'm grateful that he's improving, out of the ICU, and able to walk around with a walker
  • I get to watch Steven make Dottie laugh, and it's my favorite thing
  • I'm lucky to have a dog that is so cuddly and so chill, a true couch potato
  • I get to wake up to the prettiest Christmas tree, and it just gets better every year
  • I pulled off the largest event I've ever personally worked on, with the help of some brilliant colleagues


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