Sometimes I'll think of something from my childhood and I hope I can recreate it with Dottie. Not exactly, because my memories are mine and her memories will be hers. But I hope to recreate nostalgia with her. That really warm feeling of longing and comfort.

Every summer we'd go to the Jersey Shore, rent a little house with pebbles for a lawn instead of grass. We'd go with our cousins. To gain access to the beach you paid per person, and had to safety pin a little swatch of fabric to your swim suit as proof. Plaid fabric, usually. I still remember the weight of it when it got wet in the ocean.

The wooden boardwalk would be so hot underneath our feet. But it was worth it to go for a treat near the carnival rides. The best treat was the ice cream waffle sandwich. Completely decadent and sticky as it melted in the summer sun. The ice cream slowly dripped between two warm waffles. It was perfect.


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