Trump Tower Protest in Chicago

These photos were from the Trump protest in downtown Chicago last spring. I never shared these images, but I look back on them fondly. Chicago loves a protest, and while it might be a nuisance to be driving and to find yourself in a road closure, people expressing their opinions and advocating for their rights is truly worth the hassle. 

We participated in the Women's March on Chicago, the Saturday after inauguration. 100 days after the inauguration, Chicagoans organized another march/protest in front of the Trump tower. While the crowds were very different from the other, each felt important. It might not be police officer's favorite shift, but during the night of this protest they were all super accommodating and helpful when it came time for the protesters to start marching the streets. 

We're coming up on one year into the Trump presidency, and there are still some powerful moments of advocacy happening. I'm hopeful for the year ahead. As a Capricorn, I'm approaching my Saturn Return, which essentially means Saturn's movement into this astrological dwelling may cause shakedowns on the socio-political front (and I'm so here for it). From the article above:
On a macro level, Saturn in Capricorn will directly impact institutional systems. There will be abundant shifts pertaining to authority, government, and large-scale corporations. In past years, Saturn in Capricorn has correlated with the Great Depression and the fall of the Berlin Wall. And with Pluto — the planet of rebirth — also cruising through Capricorn, transformations will be inescapable.
Alright 2018, cheers to embracing a challenge and hoping for the best.


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