Winter Nights and a Wreath-Making Gathering

It's been incredible how quickly 2017 has flown by. In the beginning, the weekends came fast, but now? The months go by so quickly it feels like just a week ago I was writing out the rent check for November. Of course, life is busy because of getting to work in a place with people that inspire me. Life is busy because I spend my weekends with some of the most incredible friends in Chicago. And life is busy because I fill my free time with lounging on the couch listening to records or reading the books that I've wanted to dive into for years. 

The days feel just as short as the months. The sun goes down around 4:30pm, leaving our evening walk with Mort in the dark. I find myself walking the busy streets with him to see the holiday lights, whereas in fall we walk the neighborhood roads with the most trees to see the leaves change. 

Thanksgiving was spent with friends instead of family, but it was with the kind of friends that you pick to be your family when you don't have family close by. We cooked a feast, our friends helped us clean the dishes, we ended the night with some Cards Against Humanity (and so much wine), and even Morty got a little treat, getting to enjoy a bone for hours.

To start the holiday season on a festive note, two of the museum's event partners invited us for a decadent lunch and wreath making gathering! Not only was the event decor outstanding in their showroom, the space where we had lunch was decked out with a huge wreath, custom signage, holiday cocktails, and a wreath-making station with everything we could need. There were buckets of various types of evergreens, decorative pinecones and berries, and luxurious ribbons to add the finishing touches. Our names showed our place settings at the lunch, and we repurposed them to be on our wreathes. It was so nice to get together and make some holiday decorations, with the help of some talented vendors. 


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