Lincoln Park in Fall

On one of the first few cool days in October, we took a quick drive to the Lincoln Park neighborhood with our dog for a stroll. Leading up to it, most days had been warm still, which confused all of the trees, leading them to change colors later than usual. With the few leaves on the ground, decorations on front porches, and the first day of fall temperatures, it felt perfect to walk around the neighborhood. 

We packed a little picnic and found a nice spot in the Lincoln Park Zoo to take a seat and eat a little. When we visited Paris seven years ago, our first international trip together, we saved money by packing sandwiches to eat in a garden, or cemetery, while we were out and about. The brasseries in Paris served a baguette sandwich with butter, cheese, saucisson sec (similar to dry sausage), and moutarde (whole grain mustard), which we fell in love with, so we would make them every day. I made some for our little picnic in the zoo, a stroll like we would have taken in France. This time, with our pup in tow. 


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