Lakeside Marblehead on Lake Erie

Our dear friend invited us to end the summer with him at his family's lake house on Lake Erie. Knowing nothing about Lakeside Marblehead before we got there, it was a pleasant surprise to explore another small town in the great Midwest. 

 The little town had a small downtown with a hotel on the lake, ice cream shops, cafes, and antique shops, which I love. There was a bike at the house, so riding around the town was a lovely way to see it. 

During the day we lucked out with blue skies dotted with clouds, and a bit of a cool breeze. At night, it was cool enough for us to light a fire in the cottage's fireplace, and outside in the fire pit. 
We took a ferry from the mainland to a Kelleys Island. I've never been to an island like this before, where most of the locals and the visitors get around by golf cart. The island is so small, that although people live there, the schools are on the mainland. In the winter, when Lake Erie freezes over, the students and teachers have to take a small plane to Lakeside Marblehead to go to school. It's wild to think about flying a plane to school as the norm. 

KI Cantina was a newer spot on the island, but I was truly thankful for it. One of the margaritas on the menu was pineapple jalapeno, which I had to get, ever since falling in with pineapple margaritas in New Orleans

Hopping from bar to bar on the island with our golf carts made for a fun day. 

Taking a scene from one of my favorite movies, Garden State, our friends looked over the infinite abyss that was Kelleys Island. 

During our weekend getaway, Hurricane Irma was threatening our families on the west and east coasts of Florida. It was hard to forget about the potential damage that our families might endure, but it was such a relief to find out that the most damage was to trees and fences. All of our family members and friends were safe. Even without power, everyone was able to update us to let us know that they made it through the night. I felt quite guilty being on a vacation while my family went through the worries of an immense hurricane. But if we were home in Chicago during that time, I'm sure there would have been a lot less to distract us from worrying without control over the situation. 


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