Our Fair City: Davenport's Piano Bar

Hello, 2021. These photos may look a little strange to our post-2020 selves, yes? Where could this gathering be, so carefree, spirited, and not at all socially distant? These photos were taken in 2017, a distant memory itself, can you believe it? A time when we had visitors, and went out to bars and restaurants. I found this group of photos in my blog drafts. I thought, let me post these. I'm feeling incredibly sentimental about Chicago right now, and this is one of my favorite places to go. (I type this in an N95 mask, standing in my empty kitchen, as movers come and go hauling our belongings onto a truck destined for miles away). 

In 2017, we didn't have a kid, so going out on a Saturday night at 10:30pm was a breeze. Then, in 2018 and 2019, one of our moms would visit and babysit our little tot while we escaped to Davenport's on a date night. One of our first times back after having a kid, we walked in the door and the performer saw us and exclaimed, "Oh. My. God." Just like that. It's nice to be recognized, even after 9+ months of growing a baby. 

Davenport's is a piano and cabaret bar in Wicker Park and it's easily one of my favorite places to go with visitors. Wicker Park is a very young neighborhood, so when my dad visited for the first time, S and I were still new and we were trying to think of places that my dad would like. When exploring our new neighborhood with him, "Am I the oldest person in Chicago?" my dad would ask. 

I had to work one night, so it was up to S to find something to do with my dad and his girlfriend. S passed this place twice, and decided to pop in. They had so much fun that we've been back with visitors ever since. A casual passing by, an impromptu walk in, led us to one of our favorite places. Chicago, you're very good like that. 

On Saturday nights at 10:30pm there is the best duo, one singing and one on piano. They take requests, make jokes with the crowd, and they LOVE S! They have started to recognize him now because he is always making requests. We have been when a birthday girl reserves tables for her and her closest friends. We've seen a bachelorette party make it one stop of many for their night out. And in those last few photos, a group of guys in jerseys came by after the Wrigley Field game. The singer took one look at them and asked, "How did you end up here?" They were clearly out of place, but welcomed none the less.

Chicago, we will miss you, and stumbling upon places like this. We were so lucky to have called Chicago home for 5+ years. 


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