The Endless Allies with Temples, Bars, and Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka wasn't too large of a city, so getting lost there wasn't an overwhelming thought. There were plenty of ally ways that we took a chance on, and most of the time we found some gems. We came across a thin alley that had a small temple within.  There were Buddhist monks at that temple one night, performing a ceremony where they burn balsam tree branches and chant.

Nearby, there was a bar at the top of a staircase. On it's sign it only said "BAR" with the name of the owner in Japanese. We took a chance and walked up the stairs. Inside was one long, wooden bar. It was a cocktail bar with the bartender playing jazz music on a record player. We told the bartender what kind of drinks we like, and he made us delicious cocktails. With the cocktails, he brought out tiny ceramic dishes of delicious bar snacks like sesame sticks and dried oranges. We talked about jazz with him, and he brought out more records that we recognized. It was one of our favorite places.

In Osaka, there is a clown called Kuidare, with a statue that drums outside his own shop of candy and confections. The term kuidare means to bankrupt oneself on eating and drinking. So on our last day in Osaka, we did that. We hopped from restaurant to restaurant, eating small plates and having a drink. People in Osaka like their food extremely hot too, so I got to enjoy some steaming food, hot off the grill.

I wish our vacation in Japan could have been as endless as it's alleyways.


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