Spring Means Dog Beach Days

After starting my gratitude journal, I'm honestly already feeling better. I'm able to focus on all of the good in my life, instead of being consumed with things out of my control.  

This weekend, it was 80 degrees and windy. Being one of the first weekends without any plans, we drove to the Belmont Harbor dog beach on Lake Michigan. Mort had so much fun running around, chasing the other dogs. The lake wasn't quite warm enough just yet for us to go in, but when Mort took a few dips it would keep him cool as he ran in the sun.  

After some time, we brought Mort home so that he could take an extra long, afternoon nap. We wanted to still be outside, so we visited the BBQ place up the block that has outdoor seating. It's one of our landlord's favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, and it took us over a year to finally visit. It was so delicious, and I'm excited to try the rest of the menu on the next warm day.

Walking home from lunch outside, it was like the entire neighborhood was outdoors. We strolled along a street that I normally walk Mort on in the evenings. And yet, with the sun shining, people walking, it felt so different from winter. It looked more beautiful, more vibrant, flowers blooming, like a postcard of the perfect city street. It made me really thankful. Thankful to live in such a pretty neighborhood, in a wonderful city. Thankful to have the perfect weather fall on a Saturday when we're both off. Thankful to be able to do all of my favorite things in one day. 

Being far from family, we had no plans for Easter. Instead, we took it easy, we took a long walk with Mort, I worked a little [from home] on my marketing job, Steven went for a run. For the rest of the evening, we might enjoy a glass of rose wine on the porch while enjoying the last of today's sun. I plan on making some spicy vermicelli noodles for dinner, so conventional for Easter. We'll finish the evening with a few of our shows that play on Sundays. Although it's "Easter," it's not so different from our other Sundays. I don't mind it this way, really. Sundays are my favorite days, after Saturdays.


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