Harry Potter Cocktail Party Themed with Hogwarts Houses

Our friend recently invited us over for a  Harry Potter themed cocktail party, and it was more amazing than I expected! Our mixologist for the evening was John, a friend that enjoys conquering complicated recipes in the kitchen. Whether it's spending hours mulling over the perfect cocktail recipe, or taking the temperature of ingredients for a loaf of bread, his dedication is inspiring. For months he was planning the cocktails for a Harry Potter themed evening, and all of his hard work was definitely worth it.

I'm a Ravenclaw  (with a hint of Hufflepuff). Nearly every quiz I take tells me I'm a Ravenclaw, even the Pottermore quiz, which is the one that matters the most. However, at times I relate to Hufflepuff, so I have a soft spot for that Hogwarts house. 

The Ravenclaw cocktail was inspired by a classic drink called a Blue Hawaii. The blue and yellow liquors were served separate, and then the drinker mixes them together. The mixing changes the colors from yellow and blue to purple. This reaction is something a Ravenclaw would love in potions class.

My favorite cocktail was the Hufflepuff cocktail (like I said, I can definitely relate at times!). While the common room for Hufflepuff is somewhat underground, the space is decorated with lots of plants, and cheerful bee-like colors. 

Because of that, John created a cocktail with a poached pear puree, mixed with spiced pear liquor. It was topped with two blackberries, and a few delicate flakes of gold leaf on top. It was delightfully decadent, but also earthy like the common room. It was a lovely way to end the evening because it slightly resembled dessert.

Gryffindor! With a beautiful pairing of red and gold, this cocktail was delicious to drink and pleasant on the eyes.  John achieved a strong, dividing line between the gold and red by pouring the pineapple liquor over a spoon into the already-filled glass. It was served with the line, a bold display to compliment the bold bravery of Gryffindors, and it was up to the drinker to mix the cocktail themself.

Slytherin was so Slytherin. By that I mean the smoke! John had the cocktails ready to be poured in carafes, and filled the empty space in the bottles with smoke using a smoking gun. When he poured it out, the fog escaped, reminisce of the Chamber of Secrets.

The second time John made the cocktail, he brought out a small, round disk made of white oak. He charred the white oak, and covered it with a glass, giving the cocktail a smoke-rinsed finish.
John had the Harry Potter movies playing on the TV throughout the night. He set out a delicious platter of cheese and charcuterie, among other snacks. He really put care and thought into every cocktail, into every ingredient. It was an equally fun and inspiring evening.


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