Tokyo, day 6

Looking back on our trip to Japan and all of the different areas we visited, I loved Tokyo more than I expected. The people were kind, excited to practice their English, everyone had such great fashion sense, and the city was beautiful. Above, you can see one of their city vehicles. All of them were such great colors, and the workers even wore uniforms that complimented the color of their vehicles. Below, I stumbled upon a claw machine selling sushi and yakitori (meat skewers) keychains.

We visited multiple shrines in Ueno Par and while walking around, we stumbled upon a festival near the museum. There were street vendors selling beers, meat on sticks, and long skinny fries overflowing from the containers! It was nice to rest our feet and try some street food. The meat skewers that the smiling woman served us were so juicy and delicious. Paired with an Asahi beer and you can't go wrong!

In many areas of Tokyo, it's not uncommon to stumble upon cemeteries. Behind the stones are long wooden slats with messages on them. The cemeteries look so different from ours, but are equally as peaceful as a  final resting place for loved ones. 

To end the day, we visited Rikugien garden during sunset, which is known for lighting up the trees, lake, and river to escort you through their Fall Evening Illumination. The garden's landscape was inspired by classic Japanese poems. The spindly branches of  the trees were illuminated throughout the garden, and even the river was flowing with wavering blue lights and a low and slow fog. From a distance, the tea pavilion glowed among the dark trees, still and calm. 

Back to present day... For dinner last night, we decided to head to an Asian grocery store for some goodies. We picked up some frozen gyoza to eat with our spicy tofu with rice and garlic broccoli for dinner. We walked through every aisle and had to bring home wasabi peas, spicy squid shreds, and rice crackers (my favorite bar snack when we were in Japan). In the candy aisle I found Meltykiss matcha chocolates and chocolate mushrooms - both of which I brought home from our trip, but I still want more! 

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