Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Fair City: Chicago Athletic Association

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Whenever we have visitors, we love to take them to Chicago Athletic Association. It's name is true to it's history. It used to be an athletics club, which was recently renovated and it's classic architectural details were restored. The famous serial killer and con-artist, HH Holmes, was a member during his time here in Chicago circa 1893 - when the World's Fair was here.

It's now a space like no other, and it's a hotel so you can stay there during your visit if you wish! There used to be a pool, as well as a basketball court that you can have events in. There are wood panels were re-purposed from the old fencing club that line the interior of the elevators. The different restaurants and bars within the Chicago Athletic Association are what really make the place unique.

  • Starting from the top, Cindy's Rooftop is the perfect place for a warm afternoon. The terrace overlooks The Bean, Millenium Park, Lake Michigan and more. It's a stunning place to show guests! You can see some photos from our last visit on this post.
  • The hotel lobby reminds me of the libraries in books like Harry Potter and at ivy league schools. We love to sit in the plush chairs by the fireplaces and order some wine and a cheese plate. Also - their burger is very good! 
  • For a special occasion, I would definitely recommend the Cherry Circle Room. I have not personally dined here for dinner, but I have had dessert and port. It was the most beautifully crafted plate of dessert! 
  • For a fun night out with friends, I love the Game Room. There is the largest indoor bocce court that I have ever seen, and there are tons of shuffleboard games to play! I did not know that I love shuffleboard until celebrating a friend's birthday here. The best is that the games are free, you just need to reserve a space for your group!
  • There is a super tiny (8 seats!) bar called Milk Room, which boasts a cocktail menu featuring rare ingredients. We have toyed with making a reservation (months in advanced) for a special occasion. 
  • Where the pool used to be is now a space for pop-up bars/lounges! The recent pop-up was called the Cherry Circle Yacht Club, which was perfect because it aired America’s Cupsailing competition that was taking place on Lake Michigan! I learned that the athletics club use to have a boat, and it was named The Cherry Circle.
  • Lastly, there is Shake Shack on the ground level! It has outdoor seating on Michigan Avenue, which is perfect to grab a burger after exploring downtown, or to take a frozen custard to-go for a stroll. 

Lately, I've been thinking about friendships. I'm lucky to have a best friend, and many dear friends. I find these friends truly inspiring, I can talk to them about anything, and they are always there for me when I need an ear. I like to think that I give them the same respect. I aspire to drop everything if there is ever a moment that they need someone to be there for them, like they always are for me. However, I've had these friendships for years. As I grow older, I find it increasingly harder to create new friendships like these. I'm coming up on one year of living in Chicago, and not having a "best friend" locally has been weighing on me more. I miss having a friend that I could go out with for a glass of wine after dinner, or to go to brunch with, or to even just cuddle up on couch together, binge-watching our favorite TV shows. I know that building relationships like that takes time, so I'm just trying to be patient while looking for the Iliana to my Abbi, or the Samantha to my Carrie. In the meantime, I've been cherishing the memories that I've had with my dear friends, and my heart is open to new ones.

Monday, June 20, 2016

A Casimir Pulaski Day

Monday, June 20, 2016

↳I'm at a bit of a loss for words lately. So instead of words today, here are a couple of photos from a really good day. We got to be tourists with S' mom when she visited in May. Here, brunch at Milk and Honey.

Walking through Wicker Park

The Walnut Room restaurant in the old Marshall Fields

The Bean

Drinks on Cindy's Rooftop. It was sunny and gorgeous and cozy. We lounged on the outdoor furniture, which was so comfortable. It was a weekday, so it wasn't too busy.

Eataly for lunch. We enjoyed a pizza from their pizza oven and some cheese and charcuterie. The pizza came out fast, and hot! It was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Michigan Ave

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Heart is Heavy

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oh, Orlando. I've been missing my Orlando tribe a lot lately. And with a terrible weekend, I'm wishing I could be there with everyone even more. Hug your loved ones extra tight today.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Our Fair City: The Art Institute

Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Art Institute has been one of my favorite Chicago museums since I first visited. When I came to Chicago for my job interview, I rented a room at an AirBnB in Logan Square. The host has now become a friend, and she had so many great suggestions for places I should during my short stay. One of the museums she said that I couldn't miss was The Art Institute.

When I went, I had no idea how many famous paintings hung in this museum. Every corner I turned, I recognized another notable piece. The Degas sculptures are gorgeous, and I'm a sucker for Rodin's incredible sculptures as well. I could stare at them for hours, and I feel as though I'm being transported back to the Rodin Museum in Paris.

There is an entire room of Impressionist paintings, namely Monet's. He has done multiple paintings of the same scene, a haystack, in different seasons and at different times through the day. It's lovely to see them all lined up next to each other, evolving from spring to fall, from dusk to dawn.

On the ground floor, easily missed are the miniature room. I love peaking inside the frames to see the tiny details. There are some that are in the style of the English countryside, and others in the style of the French Revolution. By peaking into the frames, it's almost like peaking into the past. You look into a replica of someone's home, and you can see the blurred trees through the windows in the distance, you can practically hear the birds chirping and the sound of the wind rustling through the drapes.

If you ever find yourself in Chicago, in need of some inspiration, this is the place to go. Of course, The Field Museum is my absolute favorite for inspiration, but I might be a little biased.
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