Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

It's been over a week since we've been home. In between catching up on work, decorating the apartment for the holidays, and making it a priority to cuddle Mort on the couch, I still have so much to do. We've got all of our souvenirs out and ready to send to our family and friends. We've hung up our panels that we bought at a market, and we framed our 1920's Japanese wood block print from the printing workshop. We're also trying to take advantage of our favorite holiday things in Chicago like the Christkindlmarket! There is so much to do for the holidays, and not enough time.

While in Tokyo, we visited the Tsukiji Fish Market where it's primarily known for it's 3am tuna auction and incredibly fresh sushi from restaurants nearby. While we were interested in seeing the tuna auction, we weren't too interested in the effort. Typically, you have to stay at a hotel in the area the night before because you have to be at the market by 2am to wait in line, and the trains are not running that early. The auction starts at 3am and meanwhile, arriving by 2am does not guarantee you a spot. The inner market does not open until 10am, so you have to keep yourself busy between the time the auction ends and the market opens. If this sounds like your thing, go for it! For us, we opted to arrive early in the morning for some fish for breakfast.

There is an old barbershop that is now a little sandwich shop that opens early and sells breakfast to all of the market workers. Word is the favorite for the locals is the fried prawn sandwich, so we wanted to go. This place opens I believe around 5am, and closes as soon as they run out. The first time we attempted to go, we arrived probably around 9am and the shop was already closed. We made our way to Tsukiji fish market another day to attempt to eat here and arrived as early as 8am. We confirmed that it was the place, and that it was in fact still open! Steven took out his phone to look up how to ask for a fried prawn sandwich in Japanese. Within thirty seconds of us arriving at the shop, a worker pulled up on his scooter and ordered a dozen sandwiches. He ordered the last two fried prawn sandwiches. Moral of the story: if you go to Tsukiji fish market, maybe go to the tuna auction if that's your thing, and definitely go to this little sandwich stand early and eat a fried prawn sandwich for me.

Instead, we walked around the outer market area ate some street food there. Whenever we saw a line for food, we stood in it and ordered what everyone else was ordering. We tried a baked corn on a stick, kind of like a croquette, as well as an egg omelet on a stick. We even tried some eel, an onion cake, and a dumpling. It was a delicious feast of a day. Word is that the market is going to be moved to outside of Tokyo, making it not so easy to visit as a tourist. It was supposed to move while we were there, but they delayed it. So be sure to check it's location before you visit!


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