My Sourdough Starter, Mother

The life of sourdough: it begins as a starter. When I "feed" my starter every week, I remove some to make room in the jar. The amount that I remove I then use to create a loaf of sourdough for the week. The dough rests and rises in the mixing bowl for 12 hours. Then, it goes into a floured cloth to rise another 2 hours before baking. In the oven it goes inside of a ceramic dutch oven. And then, sourdough. 

My friend gave me some discard of her starter, so that I could make my own sourdough. It's been my weekly ritual where I feed it on a Friday night, I mix my dough, I let it rise 12 hours (or more if I forget about it), and bake it. My friend told me that I had to name my sourdough starter too. It took a few weeks, but I finally settled on "Mother," so that I could say "I have to go home and feed Mother." I keep Mother in the fridge, and every weekend we bake together. 

My friend that gave me my own sourdough starter has her own blog, Knead for Feed! You can see the recipe that she and I use on this blog post here. 

Starting next weekend, there may be a brief pause on the blog posts. I'm not sure when I will be able to resume posting because it could be regularly scheduled weekly posts, or it could be a month. The best way to follow along these next few weeks would be my Instagram (@yelletk) for posts and stories, as well as my Snapchat


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