Our Fair City: Wicker Park Festival

Everyone in Chicago loves a good street festival. While Chicago does not have an open-container policy, street festivals allow you to purchase a drink and walk within the festival's perimeter, that way, you can enjoy being outside while you enjoy a cocktail or beer. Over the summer, we went to Wicker Park Festival. It was a bit of a rainy weekend, but we caught a good few hours in the sun enjoying some live music.

I've been doing a lot of shopping therapy lately. And I use that term therapy very loosely here. I know that my increase in spending is namely because of my disappointment from rejection. It wasn't that long ago that I told myself I am going into super saver mode for our trip to Japan. But lately, I've been ordering and buying a lot of things from a new rug for the living room, a new shower curtain in the bathroom, and even new backpacks for our trip. Part of me thinks I was hoping for a change, and when I didn't get it, I'm seeking in change in other parts of my life. Changing up the decor around the apartment gives me the opportunity to have a reasonable amount of change at home. I am looking forward to a cozy winter spent indoors, and I think having changed some decor around the apartment will keep cabin fever at bay.

I'm also trying to donate many items of clothing that I do not wear regularly. I used to do this twice a year, but having moved twice in the past two years, I haven't had a chance to sit down and evaluate my closet. Instead, I packed everything in a suitcase and brought it along with me to deal with another time. I know I'm not going to completely chance my lifestyle overnight, but instead, I want to get my closet down to the main pieces that I wear regularly. I no longer have any place to wear ripped jeans or t-shirts to, so I might as well make room for the items that I often wear to work and on weekends.

I have a list of things of things I want to get done at home these next few months like painting the kitchen and cleaning out the closets, so I hope to end my first full year in Chicago on a good note.


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