Wicker Park: Bangers and Lace

In the summer sun, all I ever want to do is sit outside at a restaurant or cafe. Chicago gave us a few weeks of intense humidity, but other than that, it has been a lovely summer of sun and breezes. The rain this week has brought the most wonderful weather. We were in the mood for gelato, so we enjoyed some on a walk to a friends apartment. As the sun set, the evening got cooler, and I almost considered needing a cardigan in the cool night breeze. We slept with the windows open these past few nights, and by the morning, it was a windy 63 degrees - it was lovely to wake up to! I love Chicago summers because for the most part, you get warm days just like anywhere else, but the night cools everything off for some relief. By noon yesterday, it was 75 degrees. I sat outside with my laptop and worked on my marketing job. Editing articles in the sun and wind is so much better than inside.

We normally love to go to Bangers and Lace for their house-made sausages and beer, but this day, we decided to try their brunch and it was so good! I love cozying up in this intimate space in winter, but I wanted to take advantage of their table outside on the sidewalk while the weather is still warm.

We are getting deep into our Japan planning and we're mapping out places that we must see. We're lucky that we have so many friends that have suggested places for us to go. I downloaded my favorite app for travel, CityMaps2Go, where you can download the map of a city directly to your phone so that you can access it offline. You can even pin spots that you want to visit, making it easy to see what else is around you when you're out and about. It's perfect because when in Airplane Mode, your phone's GPS is still working, but it just needs the map to put you in the correct location. With CityMaps2Go, you have the maps offline, making it impossible to get lost (unless you want to!). We've mapped out our AirBnB's, restaurant recommendations, temples and shrines we want to visit, and even coffee shops that friends recommended that will likely become our morning routine.

It seems like Japan is strangely so soon, how did it come so quickly? When we get back, it will be full-blown winter. I'm looking forward to winter for the sole reason that life will become a little quieter. Last summer we were busy traveling to New Orleans, Paris, Chicago, and even the Bahamas. This summer, we've kept it local by hosting visitors instead of traveling to others. It's been wonderful because we get to be tourists in our own city. Our 1 year anniversary of moving to Chicago came and went this month, and today marks 1 year of me working at this museum. I can no longer say that I'm "new" to Chicago, but I can gladly call Chicago my fair city.


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