Chicago Summer Picnic in Logan Square

One weekend, we packed up a picnic basket with some summer goodies like grapes, cheese, and rose wine. Our friends brought cold beer, as well as some bagels, cream cheese, and smoked fish from Snaggletooth. It was such a delicious spread! This group of people truly signify everything I love about Chicago. I've met some amazing women in Florida, but the women in Chicago are some of the most inspiring group of badass ladies that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I feel humbled that I'm lucky enough to be their friend. Knowing that I am new to Chicago, and that I am spreading my roots and seeking out a new tribe, these girls have been the most welcoming. Their hearts are just as big as their brains, and  I'm so thankful for them.

Earlier this summer, I was very much feeling in a rut. I blamed it on retrograde, and thankfully, my emotional distress didn't last long. When you're in a rut, whether it's with friends, work, or family, it's nearly impossible to see the end. I remember thinking that I love Chicago, I love my job, but I left so many amazing people behind, and I don't want to lose them. Was it worth it? Honestly, yes, yes it was. I was lucky to have one of my girlfriends visit me shortly after I moved. We enjoyed fall together, something that Florida doesn't have! Having people like her helped make the transition so smooth.

I've had to work harder to keep my favorite 1,000-mile relationships strong, and the amazing ones prove that they value our friendship just as much. I have three girlfriends visiting me all at once next weekend, and I cannot wait to show them everything I love about Chicago. At the same time, I'm excited to show Chicago my favorite girls. Whenever life gets real, these girls are there to cry or be angry with me. When there are things to celebrate, I can count on these girls to light up the room with just their smiles and their laughs. I'm finding some amazing friends in Chicago, I've found my tribe, and I hope to become as close to them as I am to my Orlando tribe. 


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