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My girlfriends came to visit at the most wonderful time (photos of our adventures and shenanigans coming soon...) Just as I received some bad news about an opportunity that I wanted, my friends from Florida arrived the next day. In one long weekend, I had four girlfriends staying with me. It was a full house for sure! From going to a jazz club to hopping from one neighborhood dive bar to another, the weekend was packed and full of exploring my favorite Chicago spots, and discovering new ones together. 

It was a weekend of drinking, and eating, and spending lots of money. I'm now back into super saver mode, getting ready for our trip to Japan in November. It felt like it was months away, and then it truly sneaked up on us. We have our all of our AirBnBs booked, and next is ordering the Japan Rail train passes. We went to purchase tickets for the Studio Ghibli Museum in advance online, and within a matter of days, all of November was sold out. So unfortunately, we will not be able to visit the museum on this trip. However, I'm still looking forward to eating all of the seafood there, exploring the temples, and relaxing at our private onsen overlooking Mt. Fuji. 

Work is nice and manageable these days, especially after such a busy summer season. Although my mantra has been to spend time outside and hang out with friends all summer, I think it's time to be a little reclusive. I'm still disappointed in the missed opportunity, so I am thinking that I need sometime to reflect and contemplate. We will be staying at a cabin with some friends in Michigan for Labor Day weekend. A cabin on the river is coming at the perfect time for me to get away from the city and decompress a bit. As much as I love being in this city, I also need some time to be surrounded by greenery and the water, and for the world to be a little quieter than usual.  


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