Our Fair City: Belmont Harbor Dog Beach

↳Worried brow, happy tail.
↳These great danes made Mort look small.

↳Gorgeous Lake Michigan waters.

It's summer it's summer! Summer is in full swing, and I'm taking advantage of being outside as much as I can. I know that our dog, Mort, also had a winter that made him appreciate summer more. I've been trying to spend a lot of time outside with him too, without over-heating him.

In Florida, the dog beach was not possible because it was way too hot. The warm water wasn't enough to keep him cool, and there was no shade. The beautiful thing about Chicago is the fact that we have the most wonderful body of water, Lake Michigan. On the lake, there are some miles of sand for people to enjoy a make-shift beach. Near one of the harbors, north of downtown, there is a small, enclosed, sandy beach just for dogs!

I love the Belmont Harbor dog beach because it has everything a dog-mom could want:
  • •A small space, so that I can see my dog, even when he sprints across the sand to meet a new friend
  • •Shade from a big tree in the park next to the beach, that way the dogs can keep cool off when needed
  • •Being a northern lake, it's waters are always colder than Florida waters, which is a great way to keep Mort cool when he's running around
  • • It's not that busy, so there isn't a great chance of meeting unfriendly dogs 
Being that Mort is our only pet, he loves meeting other people and other dogs. On walks, he loves to touch his nose to the neighbor's dogs, to introduce himself, his tail wagging violently. He inevitably does the leash-tango, dancing around other dogs and getting each others leashes all twirled up like spaghetti. I really love seeing him make friends so easily. He's such a friendly dog, and so goofy and lovable at home. I love to remember how he didn't trust us when we first brought him home, and how now, he's let his personality shine and trusts us to take care of him. He's really so wonderful - I can't wait to adopt a brother or sister greyhound for him one day!


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