Our Fair City: The 96th Floor

The tallest building in Chicago is the Sears tower (now known as the Willis Tower, but Chicagoan's still call it by it's former name). In fourth place is the John Hancock Center, a striking black building in the Late Modernism style, proudly showcasing it's x-braces on the exterior. 

The Sears tower has a lovely glass box that you can step out onto and gaze between your feet down below. To compete, the Hancock created a tilt experience on the 94th floor, where you can imagine being Ferris Bueller looking down at the city.

If thrills aren't your thing but you still want a nice view, you can visit the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. For the price of a cocktail instead of an admission fee, you can have a lovely view of the city. Ladies are in luck too. The women's room has floor-to-ceiling windows and a great view of Lake Michigan.

Although it's not my favorite view of Chicago (hint: the view from the river is my favorite), it's a lovely way to spend an afternoon with visitors. 


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