Member's Nights at The Field Museum

↳The insects division laid out some of  the most beautiful specimen in our collections.
↳A live cockroach in the insects division.

↳Scorpions glow under UV rays!
↳Discussing color diversity among birds.

↳Bird division preparation process. Muscle tissues is removed, birds are laid out to dry, and later, they are stuffed with cotton and tagged. 
↳In the collection of fishes, many specimen are cleared and stained with a process that leaves their tissue in tact, but colorizes their bones, cartilage, etc. different colors. Many of the specimen are treated at different life-stages, so that scientists can see the internal workings of a fish's development.

↳The botany division has rows and rows of file cabinets with folders inside of them. Each folder has a pressed and dried plan, with a label of its details. 
↳Rare books room in our library. The library is on our staff-only floor, but it can actually be visited by appointment!

Even with all of the busy days, I'm still finding time to volunteer in the Division of Insects, which I love. We recently had our annual Member's Nights, where we open up behind the scenes at the museum and our scientists get to showcase their work to our members! I volunteered that night, showing our members a live dartling beetle, ones that eat decaying matter from the forest floor. It was so wonderful to be able to share our collections and the work of our scientists with our members. You could see the excitement in the air. I was able to visit as a guest the second night, and it was nice to see some of the same faces from the first night! They love the museum so much that they came both days. It really is a wonderful tradition that The Field Museum does.


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