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Jacket: Sunshine boutique in Paris // Scarf: Hygge and Wool // Top: Forever 21 // Glasses: SEE Eyeware

We had a Sunday night dinner date with our favorite Chicago couple, and it was in the Fulton Market neighborhood, just north of the West Loop. Both Fulton Market and the West Loop are areas packed with great restaurants and bars. We've been to a few awesome places in the Fulton Market neighborhood like La Sirena (an amazing Brazilian restaurant with familiar dishes made of the best ingredients), Cemitas Pueblas (mouth-watering pulled pork sandwiches -  paired with a Tecate - heaven!), and The Publican (where we celebrated our most recent wedding anniversary with the chef's menu). 

Our friends made reservations at Cold Storage, which has only been open since December. Nothing says the start of summer like a crisp rosé wine paired with some refreshing seafood. We opted to share a few small plates of seafood. Having lived in Florida these past few years, we had to say yes to some ceviche. We also tried  the beef tartare - which was SO much better than the last beef tartare that I tried in France. Of course, we indulged in some delectable oysters. 

We enjoyed a range of oysters from the west coast to the east coast. Our server walked us through each oyster that the chef suggested and their defining characteristics. We tried ones from Norway, from Maine, and from Washington state. The ones from the coast of Norway lived in extremely cold seas which you could taste in the saltiness. The Maine oysters also had a bit of saltiness, but it was less briny since the waters were warmer, comparatively. Lastly, we tried the oysters from Washington state. With the warm Pacific waters, these oysters were almost creamy! 

It was fun trying all the different types of oysters, and savoring each for it's unique flavor. Sharing a bottle of rosé made the night even more enjoyable - our first rosé of the season! Recently, I've been in a wine rut. I buy the same wine every week at the grocery store because I know I like the wine, and I like the price. To change this, I signed up for a wine subscription! I signed up for Club W/Winc. Currently I'm ordering 4 bottles a month, which is my average. I requested 3 reds and 1 white, since I typically prefer reds over whites. What I love is that I took a quiz and it suggested wines based on my palate! From there, each wine that came has a matching card that describes the notes of the wines scent and taste. There are also meal pairings with recipes, and even videos on the app! I once took a History of Wine class in college, and I loved tasting different wines and finding the unique notes in each of them. This is a way that I can continue practicing trying to identify the different notes on my own.

To get a $13 credit (that's a bottle of wine on the house!) click my referral code here! Also, check out their blog post about pairing the houses in Game of Thrones with wine. I always figured I'd probably be born a Stark!


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