Our Fair City: The Art Institute

The Art Institute has been one of my favorite Chicago museums since I first visited. When I came to Chicago for my job interview, I rented a room at an AirBnB in Logan Square. The host has now become a friend, and she had so many great suggestions for places I should during my short stay. One of the museums she said that I couldn't miss was The Art Institute.

When I went, I had no idea how many famous paintings hung in this museum. Every corner I turned, I recognized another notable piece. The Degas sculptures are gorgeous, and I'm a sucker for Rodin's incredible sculptures as well. I could stare at them for hours, and I feel as though I'm being transported back to the Rodin Museum in Paris.

There is an entire room of Impressionist paintings, namely Monet's. He has done multiple paintings of the same scene, a haystack, in different seasons and at different times through the day. It's lovely to see them all lined up next to each other, evolving from spring to fall, from dusk to dawn.

On the ground floor, easily missed are the miniature room. I love peaking inside the frames to see the tiny details. There are some that are in the style of the English countryside, and others in the style of the French Revolution. By peaking into the frames, it's almost like peaking into the past. You look into a replica of someone's home, and you can see the blurred trees through the windows in the distance, you can practically hear the birds chirping and the sound of the wind rustling through the drapes.

If you ever find yourself in Chicago, in need of some inspiration, this is the place to go. Of course, The Field Museum is my absolute favorite for inspiration, but I might be a little biased.


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