The Week's End


This was our weekend just after I received my new camera in the mail. I purchased a used Canon 5D Mark II and splurged on the lens, a Sigma 35mm f/1.4. Thank you to Heather for the suggestion! I've wanted to upgrade to a nicer DSLR for a long time. However, taking photos for my blog is a hobby, not my career, so I never felt confident in spending too much money on camera equipment. 

This fall, we have the trip of a lifetime, our dream trip to Japan. Another friend did let me know that the Canon 5D Mark II is an extremely heavy camera - and she was so right. Because of that, she said it's not great for travel, but I think Japan will be worth it. 

All weekend I played with my new camera, solely on Manual mode and shooting in Raw, just like all the professionals suggest. I think  I'm getting the hang of adjusting the ISO and shutter speed, but the aperture is the one thing I like to keep as wide-open as possible, because I love the depth of field that this lens produces.

Alright, enough about cameras. That weekend we went to a pub with a friend in their new neighborhood, we visited the Driehaus Museum to see the Downton Abbey costumes, went searching for treasures in the Ravenswood Manor neighborhood garage sale, and ended it with dinner with friends I've been missing dearly lately.

Another weekend has passed. S's mom visited us and we went to the touristy places like The Bean, and our favorite places like Cindy's rooftop. Every weekend is like a little vacation in Chicago. Whether we want to explore every inch, or if we want to relax at home, we have so many options. 


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