Spring in the City

Oh spring! I know I wax poetic about fall every time the leaves turn orange, but be still my heart - spring! The earth welcomes spring in the most dramatic way. With it's green stalks breaking ground, reaching for the sky, and slowly, tight flower buds spread open, soaking up the sun.

I've never admired tulips before Chicago. I always thought they were a bit of a lazy flower because they never stand up straight in a vase. I worked an event once where the centerpieces were tulips, and it took a lot of coaxing from the florist to get those tulips to perk up. They almost need the support of other flowers to hold them upright. Because of this, you could never see the sides of their bulbs, only the insides. They completely lose their charm this way.

Only now that I've been in Chicago for spring for the first time, do I truly appreciate tulips. I love their long green stalks, all legs, with a bright bulb at the top, eagerly opening to the warm weather, all clustered together. I also love how they last for weeks. I've seen some blooms on other flowers come and go within a matter of days. The hydrangea bush down the block wilted on the first humid day. The peonies are taking weeks to open. But these tulips? They welcomed our visitors in April, and were still around to welcome our most recent visitor in May. 

I have a few stressful events that I'm working on lately. I'm looking forward to the end of June, when things quiet down a bit. I'm also looking forward to July, when my parents visit. I'm trying not to think of June bitterly, with how busy it is becoming. I'm trying to focus on the moments in between the big events. The street festivals are beginning, all of the restaurants have their outdoor seating setup, and my skin is gaining a hint of color after a few days in the sun after a pale winter.


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