Our Fair City: Wrigley Field

Working at the museum, many event vendors are appreciative of the relationship that we have exclusively with them. To show their appreciation, they do things like give us tickets to Chicago Bulls games in fall, and Chicago Cubs games in spring! 

Our seats were so close to the field that we could see the dust settling on third base. I'm not really into sports, but it was fun to have a beer at a sports bar around the corner from the stadium, and it was really fun to sing during the seventh-inning stretch. It made me very nostalgic. I think the last time I sang [or even heard!] Take Me Out to the Ballgame was when I was in elementary school.

For spring, it was such a cold night! Thankfully, a coworker brought fleece blankets for us to keep cozy. We drank beers and of course, we had Chicago hot dogs. Everyone was decked out in their Cubs hats and jackets. I know that the Cubs don't have the best record of wins, but they won that night!

Since the game, Chicago has warmed up a bit. The sun is out most days, and even after it rains, there's a cool breeze that makes my skin crave the warmth of the sun. We've been sleeping with the windows open, the faint city noise becoming our white noise. I think Mort is loving this weather too. Our walks are long enough where he gets tired and takes a nice, long nap afterward. Spring has always been my favorite, even in Florida where we hardly got a spring (it's so hot there it went straight to summer). In both Florida and Chicago, all of a sudden, the birds return from their travels south. I hear them in the trees these days and since all of the leaves are back everything is green - it's gorgeous! Every day I want to go outside and explore Chicago!


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