Our Fair City: The Driehaus Museum

One of the few TV shows that I watch is Downton Abbey. I'm sad that the series is over, but I'm looking forward to re-watching episodes from the earlier seasons. Especially since I recently visited the Driehaus Museum and it's temporary exhibit featuring costumes from the show.

The Driehaus Museum is an old mansion with historic rooms such as a drawing room (for withdrawing) and a reception room (to receive guests).  The home was built in 1883 and was heavily inspired by the art nouveau era. The house these days includes a collection of art from the Driehaus family, as well as a skylight Tiffany window, and other glass works by Tiffany.

There are multiple levels, and the rooms are on the perimeter of the center hallways. On the main floor, next to the grand piano, an mp3 player let out some period pieces to set the mood. Of course, many of the attendees were women who also adore Downton Abbey, and we overheard some say that they love visiting old mansions-turned-museums. S was a good sport and explored the museum with me.

We listened to the audio tour, which talked about the different fabrics used on the costumes, and why certain styles were chosen for different characters. Some of the fabrics were even vintage and true to the time period, just re-imagined for the show. I love listening about how Sybil's style was very different from Mary's, and how even Edith's fashion became more structured when she started working.

We had a really lovely weekend of walking around the city in the perfect weather, enjoying the tulips and other flowers in bloom, and showing S's mom our city. We went shopping for some new clothes recently on Mag Mile, and found nothing that we loved. When S's mom was visiting, we took her into some vintage stores and we both had really good luck finding clothes! Also, you cannot beat an $8 top that was once probably over $20. I haven't been to vintage shops for clothes in a long time, but now I feel like I've been missing out! I see more shopping days to come at all of the second-hand clothing stores near us.


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