Our Anniversary

Recently we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Last year, before we headed out for our anniversary dinner, Mort got attacked by the neighbor's two off-leash dogs. We spent the night at the emergency vet, giving up our reservations at our favorite restaurant. Oddly enough, this year I was walking Mort during lunch and a neighbor's dog came running out from an open gate, and was growling and barking at Mort! Thankfully, nothing happened, but my tolerance for off-leash dogs is growing thin. Soon, I will probably start reporting these owners.

Besides the neighbor's dog mishap, it felt like we were celebrating all week. It makes sense though, considering that entire last week of April and first week of May truly are special. We met on April 28th 2007, became a couple on May 1st 2007, and got married on May 4th 2013. One special day right after the other.

This year we:

  • Enjoyed a private tour of the Goose Island brew house with a favorite Chicago friend. He showed us the quarantined room of wild yeast, in which they use to make all of their sour beers. I've never had a sour beer before Chicago, and I am SO glad that I know they exist now! 
  • Made a reservation at Publican, and enjoyed the chef's eight course dinner. Every time that we thought our final course was served, another course was right behind it. So much delicious food - many of which I would have never thought to order from the menu, and yet it was so surprisingly delicious.
  • S came to the museum to have lunch with me - Chicago-style hot dogs, and we made matching Mold-A-Rama dinosaurs while sitting in front of the narwhal diorama. It was really sweet to take an hour out of my routine to spend it with him. Such a treat. 
  • Drove to Holland, Michigan to see the tulip festival! 
  • Enjoyed some wine (the same red wine that we served at our wedding) in our longitude and latitude glasses that a dear friend gifted to us for our marriage. 
  • Thoughtfully, S brought home a bouquet of roses and thistle. Thistle were one of the flowers that were in our wedding, so it was really sweet to have them this week.
Another anniversary has passed. We've been together for 9 years total - which means next year we will be celebrating our 10 years together! If we celebrated so much this year for 9 years, I can't imagine how much we will celebrate next year for 10 years. 



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