Mountains and Cities are both Hygge

What a week. I had a huge event that I worked, plus another smaller one right after. My week was light on sleep and heavy on the work-load. But now we are here, the weekend. I've made a few sales with my shop over the past few months, and even though it's mostly for friends, it's the highlight of my week. Friends will tell me their favorite colors, and I will hunt for the perfect color yarn.

I was talking recently with a friend about how I cannot wait for Tokyo and the ramen shops with eight seats, the sushi restaurants with fresh fish, and most importantly? The mountains. Growing up in NYC we would always vacation in the Catskills in the Adirondacks. I think that's why I love cities near mountains. It's the perfect balance. I can have my city, it's culture, the museums, the great restaurants and bars, the friends, etc. But, I am also just a drive away from the mountains, or the forest. 

In Chicago, I don't have mountains close by, not like the Adirondacks. I often think about my dream home. Is my dream home the coziest apartment in the best neighborhood of the city? Or, is it the charming old house on the most wooded part of the mountain? 

If I had to chose between mountains or city... I think I would chose mountains, for the long run. I know that it's my end-goal. Living in Chicago near the hustle and bustle is most definitely my goal right now, and I've accomplished it. But if I was given the choice for a free apartment in Chicago or a free cottage in the mountains, I would go with the mountains. Because whether those mountains are in upstate New York or rural Japan, I want to be surrounded by that kind of beauty. When I'm older, I don't need any other kind of stimulation other than the rustling of the trees in the wind.  I'm so thankful to have the city now, and thankful that one day, mountains will still be there, whether for vacation, or for retiring. Because even when I walk Mort through our neighborhood, the wind will rustle the tree limbs together, and it's the most pleasant sound.


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