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So many corners of Chicago are still new to us. We've gotten to know our neighborhood pretty well, but there are neighborhoods like north of downtown where there are endless antique shops, and west of downtown, with culture-rich communities like Pilsen.

We were recently presented with an opportunity that was pretty spur-of-the-moment and we would have to figure out how to make it work. It was exciting and scary and stressful at all at the same time. There were many mixed emotions, and a big loss of appetite on my part. Because much of it was unknown, and uncertain, we couldn't make any plans for this opportunity. The first night we were both so stressed at the decision that we didn't eat dinner. It was 9pm before S suggested that we go down the block for a light dinner, and just to get out of the apartment.

We walked to The Winchester, a place we've visited for both dinner and brunch, and we've been pleased each time. The best part? They have Scrimshaw on tap. Scrimshaw is a beer that we used to always order on tap at Stardust Coffee and Video in Orlando when we lived there. We would have many study-sessions at Stardust by day, and enjoy Scrimshaw on tap at their bar in the evenings. It was a gem of a place. There was kitschy art from garage sales covering the walls, and the service always left something to be desired. But it was our trusty place where we could always get Scrimshaw. That is, until after years, they stopped tapping it. Scrimshaw in a bottle is not the same.

During this stressful evening, we both ordered Scrimshaws at The Winchester, and as soon as we took our first sips, there was something so comforting about it. It's not just a great beer, but it's one of the first great beers that we used to always rely on at Stardust. We could always rely on it for a good time, or for a break after a long day of studying. And now, having a restaurant in walking distance that is always tapping Scrimshaw, is comforting in it's taste and it's nostalgia.

What ended up happening with that opportunity? Nothing came of it. It came into our lives dramatically, and then fizzled out so effortlessly. My appetite has been restored, and I've been able to concentrate back on work. In the interim, drinking a favorite beer like Scrimshaw, like we used to do in college, kept us grounded.


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