How to Make a Cozy Home With Blankets

This is my newest blanket in the shop, called the Earth Lodge Knitted Blanket. Inspired by earth lodges, I wanted to make something that felt very natural, as if it was used from the world around me. I used different skeins that were leftover from other projects. By combining them to make something deliberate, it was almost like foraging, the way indigenous people used the land. Of course, my wool yarn comes from the store, not "the land," but I strive to make my products as whole and genuine as possible. We have a replica of a Pawnee Earth Lodge at my museum, and I often find myself visiting it for a quiet moment during what can be a hectic work day. 

For me, nothing makes a home feel cozier than plush pillows and thick blankets. When I started making pillows and blankets, it began as a way to make my own home cozier, especially for our first Chicago winter. When our couches, bed, and chairs began to be full of pillows and blankets, I wanted to continue making them, and selling was the next step. That's when I opened the shop

I love cuddling on the couch with my greyhound, and if there's a sudden chill, it's perfect to have a blanket on the couch already. Being able to cozy up without getting up is why I find it necessary to have a blanket on each couch and chair.

However, blankets draped over the back of every couch the same way throughout your home is not hygge or cozy. Here are some unique and inspiring ways that I've been draping my blankets around the home:

  • At the end of the bed - perfect to keep your toes warm
  • Over arm of a chair - also useful for leaning when reading or writing
  • Draped on the side of the couch - a great way to add visual interest 
  • Slouched on a chair - more visual texture
  • Casually strewn on the couch - this is great for protecting the seat from any furry pets
  • Spilling out of a basket - easy to grab at a moments notice

Wishing you a warm rest of your weekend. I know I'll be cuddled on the couch with my blankets and the newest season of House of Cards, and probably endless cups of tea. How will you be spending your Saturday?


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