Slow Weekends, Mornings

My favorite time of day is the early morning when I walk Mort and the neighborhood is quiet, just before the morning commuters hit the road. After breakfast, we cuddle on the couch as the sun peeks in and I finish my coffee while Mort takes his first nap of [many] that day. I love weekends because we can start our mornings slow, and we can stretch them as long as possible by eating breakfast together at lunch time. Slow mornings and weekends give me the opportunity to live in the moment. My least favorite thing is having to leave these moments.

By living in the moment these days, I'd almost forgotten what we've been planning for our future. We've been taking Chicago morning-by-morning, weekend-by-weekend, one step at a time to really get to know this city's soul. One thing we've been planning for years? Visiting Japan. We've been saving years of credit card miles to pay for our plane tickets. And now, after having put this future goal on the back burner for a long time, we are forced into making a decision soon, before our miles expire. 

Sometimes you're forced into making a decision on something before you're ready. Sometimes you must think about the future, even when you're in the middle of enjoying the present. And sometimes, it takes someone or something else to guide you to making that decision. Just like with our move to Chicago, something else we've wanted for years, we took small steps toward that goal through the years, but it wasn't until there was an incredible job opportunity that really made the decision to move a solid one. With Japan, it's taken some threatened credit card miles (miles we've worked for and saved) in order for us to take advantage of the goal we've been making small steps toward.

In all, Chicago was a goal of ours that we've reached. Living in the present to enjoy that goal has been so very rewarding. But in the midst of it, I'd almost let another life-long goal slip away. 


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