Finding the Warmth in Winter

On weekends, we strive to visit one new place. With all of the museums, restaurants, and neighborhoods there are to explore, this will be a life-long goal. A few weeks ago, we visited the Garfield Park Conservatory. It was an especially cold day and it was fantastically humid inside. Instead of taking photos there, I compiled some video footage for a seasonal film I'd like to make. The Garfield Park Conservatory has a gorgeously serene fern greenhouse where they do yoga twice a month. A fantastic space for a shavasana. 

A week later, the weather was much warmer (in the 40's) so we decided to visit the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo. The conservatory was just as lovely, and we arrived at the zoo just in time for the lions to have lunch. It made us hungry, so we hopped over to the West Loop neighborhood for Mexican food at Cemitas Puebla. We each had a pork sandwich, and paired with a Tecate beer - so good! After that, we succumbed to our food comas and had a great nap on the couch with Mort, the last of the day's sunlight keeping us warm through the window.

This past weekend, we made plans to go to a "Frozen Dancing" block party with friends. While it's usually freezing in February in Chicago, this day it was sunny and in the 50's. It was a beautiful winter day! In years past we heard that people will get bundled up and attend this outdoor event, just to be outside for once in the winter. This year, everyone was out in their sunglasses and with their dogs too.

We started the day with BYOB brunch where our friend brought Sofie for beer-mosa's. It was so refreshing and delicious. We had brunch at Bite Cafe where S ordered the udon noodles and I ordered the breakfast bibimbap. It was our second time there, and their menu always impresses me. Not to mention, all of their ingredients taste super fresh and the meals aren't too heavy where you fall into a brunch coma for the rest of the day. It's perfect!

In all, spending time with friends over a great meal with delicious drinks is the real way to stay warm in winter. Enjoying the company of our friends here strip away all worries of work, of responsibilities, of things that need to be done, and what's left is the comfort of each other's souls. That's where warmth lives.


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