Currently // 6

eating // so. many. sweets. With Valentine's Day, our event vendors have been spoiling us with all kinds of treats.

drinking // cairpirinhas. Very refreshing for summer, but also very good for brunch.

making // office blankets! I now have a multi-colored one in mind for my office at the museum. By multi-colored, I mean, multiple neutral colors.

listening // to Sylvan Esso. Such good winter vibes.

reading //just ordered two books by author Joe Meno, who lives in Chicago.

enjoying // spending time with Mort. I really love this pup. He is so sweet, and my favorite part of every week is when we sleep in on weekends and we cuddle in bed for hours. All the extra attention is worth the wait for coffee and breakfast.

planning // on painting our kitchen. It was planned as a winter project, but I couldn't decide on what color would look best in there. I'm thinking a dark, moody blue.

wearing // ankle boots. I've actually been wearing shoes with a bit of a heel lately because I had some tendinitis pain. A slight heel has actually released the pressure from my tendons, giving my foot a chance to heel. Who would have thought?

cooking // salmon, every which way.

traveling // to Florida for a belated holiday and birthday celebration! Escaping a bit of Chicago winter is nice too.

smelling // this moisturizer. I ordered a bottle for my desk, since my hands are often dry in the winter. While the regular Hempz moisturizer is great, there is some ingredient (shea, cucumber, jasmine, chamomile?) that makes the Age Defying one smell incredible!

thinking // about how incredible winter really is. It hasn't been bad, but when I look around and see a layer of white snow on tree limbs and I remember what it looked like full of green, nature is truly a wonderful thing. How can trees so easily go from bare to full in the span of one season?

I originally saw this currently feature on Joy Felicity Jane.


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