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Welcome to my rebranded blog, Hygge Home. When I started my online shop, Hygge & Wool, I didn't plan to rebrand my blog. However, it felt right, and I wanted to be able to promote my shop in my every day life. Having a blog with a completely different focus (Tender Roots), felt like I was holding onto too many different things. I want to focus more clearly on my blog as a both a personal space and shop space. A shop that sells cozy home knitwares and one that allows for a blog that lets you into the creators life. I don't mind continuing to share personal stories, travel, adventure, home life, etc. But I do want to also share quality content that can help inspire others to create a hygge home for themselves through home decor tips and perhaps even sharing recipes.

What does a hygge home look like? It looks like a space to share creative home solutions. Getting organized in a tiny home office, or styling vignettes around the home, and even sharing the stories behind some favorite decor pieces. 

You may notice with this change that my social media handles to my name, Yelle. I thought that this would be a long-term solution to any changes in the future.

Lastly, the name Tender Roots no longer felt applicable. We are still renting the home that we live in now, and we plan to rent for a long time still. However, my roots feel more grounded each day. On weekends we get to explore Chicago, and it welcomes us with every new discovery. Thus, I feel like our roots really are grounded now.

Thank you to Labina Studio for her talent in custom web design! 


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