What Yelle Wore: Winter

What I Wore
Coat c/o: New Chic // Leggings: Onyx Boutique // Glasses: Firmoo // Scarf: Hygge & Wool

I always wanted a winter coat for special events and holidays. I have two warm, puffy jackets for brutal winter days, but they aren't nice enough when attending special events. With many of my favorite things occurring during cold weather (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, and my birthday) this coat has kept me warm without looking like a walking sleeping bag.

Recently, we brunched downtown with friends at Bohemian House where I enjoyed an incredible pork schnitzel sandwich with an egg over-top and the most delicious horseradish cream underneath. Afterward, we decided we needed to walk off our big meal and headed to a building that is well known in the architecture world, the Chicago Athletics Association. It's our friend's favorite building, and they shared a little gem with us, Cindy's, the enclosed rooftop bar. Cindy's is serving up drinks with a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan, The Bean, and all of Millenium Park. The Chicago Athletics Association is charming with it's gothic architecture. It's currently a hotel and it's gorgeous lobby has fireplaces and carved dark wood details, where people can read books on the large, leather couches and lounges, or work on their laptops by the vast windows. There's even a game room with a bar, as well as pool tables and indoor bocce. The icing on the cake is really Cindy's. The Beverage Manager (AKA Spirit Guide) brought us some breakfast negronis that had a little cinnamon stick in them. I sipped it slowly because I wanted that delicious drink to last forever.

I kind of wanted that day to last forever, too. After exploring some Chicago gems, that evening there was a surprise fundraiser for our friend. We were surrounded by amazing new friends, great food, delicious drinks, and a gorgeous city. We are truly lucky.


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